From Vivant, with Love.

“Passive income” and “massive cash flow” do not have to be mutually exclusive when partnered with Vivant. Sit back and relax while we maximize your property’s income through our proprietary pricing strategy and efficient management using the latest in property technology, all while providing your guests with the best in hospitality and service.

Your neighbors are our neighbors, and we like to keep our neighbors happy! Our Trust & Safety team utilizes the latest in guest verification and property monitoring technologies to ensure that guests are behaving while having fun and disturbing noises are quickly addressed to keep the peace.

Our team cares for your property like it’s our own home, with professional cleaning service provided after each reservation and responsive maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape.

From contract signing to ready-for-guests in just 1 week. We work fast so you can start reaping the rewards right away.

How it works.

Every homeowner knows what they are looking for and we are here to meet those goals by offering flexibility in this partnership. Choose from either a simple commission model or a fixed-rent model when partnering with Vivant to maximize your ROI and minimize risk, all with no startup fee.


No commitment necessary. Have us manage the operations for you for a percentage of each booking while you capture the benefits of short-term cash flow.


You receive a consistent rent check each month, no matter how little or how much revenue the property makes. We are your forever tenants providing true passive income with zero market risk.

What We Do For You.

1. Property Optimization

Short-term rentals have specific requirements for optimizing operations and ensuring smooth operation for maximum efficiency. Our specialized onboarding team will review every aspect of your property and propose strategies for optimizing your property for short-term rentals.

2. All-Around Protection

All Vivant properties are outfitted with non-recording decibel sensors, entrywall security cameras, smart smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors to ensure that guests are respecting your property and keeping your neighbors happy. In addition, we also carry $2M in general liability so that your property is protected from the unexpected.

3. Pristine Turnovers

Our professional cleaning and maintenance teams are the best of the best and will ensure that your property is looking and functioning to the best of its abilities after each booking.

4. Around-The-Clock Communication

Our team provides 24/7 live-person communications for our guests to ensure that all issues and inquiries are responded to in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Vivant determine my property’s pricing and rates?

We utilize a proprietary pricing system that combines local market trends with comparable properties’ daily rates and occupancies to develop dynamic rates that will optimize your property’s gross revenue and profit.

Who are Vivant’s guests?

Vivant guests are typically business travelers in town during the week or month for work, digital nomads who are staying in different cities and communities while working remotely, traveling medical professionals who have a temporary work contract, and families who are traveling to a different city to visit family and/or to vacation. 

Does Vivant have insurance coverage?

Yes! Vivant has a $2M general liability policy that applies to all of the properties that we partner with you on.

Is Vivant local?

Yes we are! We hire local teams across all of the markets and cities that we operate in to ensure that our partners and guests have access to in-person support 24/7 if needed.

Does my HOA allow short-term rentals?

During our discovery call with you, we will also ask you to send us a copy of your HOA’s most recent CC&Rs so that we can review the document and provide you with insight on whether short-term rentals are an allowed operation within your community.

Can I stay at my own property?

Of course! All you will need to do is send your dedicated Partner Manager an email with your requested stay dates and we can help get that booked into the schedule.

Do I need to purchase and provide supplies for guests?

No you do not! Vivant properties are stocked and supplied with our own collection of supplies and consumables that have been painstakingly tested to provide the highest level of comfortable and satisfaction to our guests, and we provide all of this for you at no additional cost! This includes everything from coffee and toiletries to towels and linens, and much more. 

Can I use my own maintenance team?

Of course you can! We can work with any vendor and contractor that you choose.

Does Vivant monitor and enforce community noise and trash policies?

Yes we certainly do! All Vivant properties are outfitted with non-recording decibel sensors, entrywall security cameras, smart smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. As for taking care of the trash, we leverage tried-and-true methods for informing guests of the applicable community trash policies so that common areas are respected and clean.